Space Saving Compact Silicone Collapsible Folding Kitchen Funnel

Space Saving Compact Silicone Collapsible Folding Kitchen Funnel
Space Saving Compact Silicone Collapsible Folding Kitchen FunnelKitchen Gadget Geeks | Collapsable FunnelSpace Saving Compact Silicone Collapsible Folding Kitchen Funnel

Small but really useful to have hanging around.

Ever needed a funnel quickly to help pour liquid back into the bottle but you can never find the darn thing? Then we recommend this funky colourful silicone collapsable funnel.

The fact that it collapses and can sit neatly on your hanging rack bringing a splash of colour to your kitchen, is a bonus. Because it folds flat, it can also sit in a draw without taking up too much space.

Whilst the funnel is small at 8cm x 7.2cm it is perfect for most kitchen tasks. It’s not often that here at Kitchen Gadget Geeks we need to use a funnel, and so, in the past it was shoved to the back of the cupboard where invariably we can’t be bothered to fish it out. This led to needing a steady hand and the difficulty of trying to pour something into a bottle without a funnel. To be honest, this usually ended with a mess all over the work surface and a muttering of “I should have just found the funnel!”

No more spillages

Spillages are a thing of the past with this Space Saving Collapsable Funnel because we know exactly where it is. When we first looked at the product we wondered whether it would leak, but customer reviews state time and again that the funnel works as you expect a funnel should, so no more worries.

Eco Comments

Phthalates and BPA free
Silicone is a better alternative to plastic but there are still some eco concerns


Design 7/10
Price 10/10
Eco factor 6/10
Quality 7/10

Overall Kitchen Gadget Geeks verdict: 7/10 – would buy.

What we love: easy to use, space saving effectiveness.
What we’d change: that you only get one as we love all the colours.

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